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Two years ago, many of you entrusted me with your vote for Mayor. I remain grateful for your support, and see every day of service to you as a great honor.

Today is Election Day, and I am once again asking for your vote. (If you voted early, thank you!)

We’ve worked hard to make San Antonio a stronger city for you and your family, where everyone has the opportunity to get ahead. And we’ve achieved numerous successes, from training young people for 21st Century jobs to securing our long-term water supply to increasing our focus on streets, drainage and basic services.

San Antonio is thriving. I pledge to you to build on our momentum over the next two years. I also will continue endeavoring to make our neighborhoods safer and to end generational poverty.

Our vision at its heart is to make our City more united, for every San Antonian, regardless of which zip code they live in, to share in our prosperity.

I am not only asking for your vote, but also for you to put your faith in our vision and to help make it a reality.

As we all know, elections have consequences. The progress we’ve made in San Antonio over the last several years can be easily undone. So please talk to your friends and family about why you support our candidacy, and then drive them to the polls tomorrow.

We need your vote and theirs to continue strengthening and uniting our beautiful City.

Thank you, and God bless you!


Ivy R. Taylor
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