Artist On The Horizon Sada K Delivers ‘Live Love, Laugh’


Sada K is not giving up on the true love of God. She has chosen to make His love and joy part of her life mission. Her ministry is music and she is not afraid to sing out loud!

After touring all over the country with the hit-making Christian pop band Press Play, Sada K. was devastated by a serious, career-threatening knee injury in June 2011. She had to face the harsh realities of two knee surgeries, months of physical therapy and the grueling task of having to learn how to walk all over again.

She had to deal with the embarrassment of going from living on a tour bus to being pushed around in a wheelchair, being on crutches, using a walker, having a cane and wearing huge braces on her legs so that she could learn how to walk properly again and prevent developing a permanent limp.

In her new single she triumphs God’s blessing singing

Live Love and Laugh take a moment to thank God for all that we have.

Sada K.’s heart’s desire is to create music that guides people to hope & provokes her listeners to be encouraged and persevere, no matter what they face in life. World Changers that have shaped music history has inspired her throughout her journey and she is creating a sound all her own by writing songs that spread the message of the love of God, her faith in His majestic power, and the beauty and strength that awaits all of us within the lessons of life.

Love is a powerful thing and Sada K. has been gifted to blanket your heart with empowerment and hope, through music.


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